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Winner - Football Is My Religion (Hungary) | Dir. Peter Pallag

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Football Is My Religion is a short documentary about one of Hungary’s oldest and most legendary American football team, the Budapest Cowbells’ 2017 season with all its ups and downs. Apart from presenting the storyline of the season, the film gives a closer look how does America’s national sport live on and play by amateurs in Hungary.

Finalist - A Short Documentary About People Fighting (Canada) | Dir. Solmund MacPherson

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Consensual violence is, bizarrely, quite tender. If you've never been in a fight, or if you object to violence altogether, I hope you reconsider after watching these surprising moments of intimacy. There was only one hospital visit while making this film. Website

Finalist - Ukrainian Brutalism (Ukraine) | Dir. Roman Blazhan

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Its a wonderful representation of eclectic architectural beauty. Unfortunately we might be seeing the last of some of these outstanding buildings.

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