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Winner - Poern: William Wilson (Italy) | Dir. Domiziano Cristopharo

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Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's famous 'William Wilson' tale, Cristopharo developed an original, surreal silent film full of homoerotic eros and thanatos. The main character, a prisoner, falls in love with the man jailed in the next cell. That man is both the twin and the opposite of himself, and he is victim of the abuses of the guards. But maybe all of them are part of one same mind and soul. Website | Facebook

Finalist - La Nuit D'amour (United States) | Dir. Fritz Hasbrouck


A pink iguana discovers an enormous gold phallus before falling in love with a flying double doll head genie who continually shifts forms. The Iguana continually kills and revives his sky lover. Website

Finalist - Vows (Australia) | Dir. Kim Cums

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Vows seeks to explore the connections between lust, taboos, sexual guilt, religious eroticism, and romance. This short film follows a nun and a priest through their shared process of confession and penance as they both give into their lustful thoughts and feelings.

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