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Winner - Kommando1944 (United States) | Dir. Derek Quick

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July 1944, An Asian American soldier Corporal Soo is thrown into a Nazi work camp on a farm in Germany as his family back home in America are forced into an American Japanese concentration camp in Manzanar California. The allied soldiers think Soo is a Japanese soldier and segregate him. Soo must fight to let go of the past in order to be set free. Website

Finalist - Natural Selection (Russia) | Dir. Nikita Tamarov

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In the world where relationship is a real hunt and men hunt women, young Tyomik experiences a strange new feeling to his very first prey. The short film Natural Selection is the allegory on the inter-sexual relationship. It shows the world of men who chase women like predators hunt prey.

Finalist - The Dress of Myriam (Brazil) | Dir. Lucas Rossi

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In a quiet house, an old couple share a life in silence. Website | Facebook

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