Winner - The Delivery (France) | Dir. Steeve Calvo

In a devastated world, a beleaguered breeder goes on the roads to deliver a very special livestock... zombies. At the end of this transhumance, the delivery will be questioned when he discovers a part of humanity unexpected in one of his creatures. Website

Finalist - Conditioning (United Kingdom) | Dir. Philip Pugh

Love will tear them apart. A gory horror film that's more than meets the eye. Going beyond the gore and exploring deep rooted prejudice and it's influences. Facebook | Twitter

Finalist - She Came From The Woods (United States) | Dir. Erik Bloomquist

A campfire story comes to life for a group of counselors on the last day of the summer of 1987 at Camp Briarbrook. Facebook

Finalist - Lucid (United Kingdom) | Dir. Jack Barrie

Richard's dreams are haunted by visions of his deceased little brother. He tries to use Lucid Dreaming to get closer, but as he does, he realises that a sinister impostor awaits his slumber, leeching off every anguished memory. Soon, his waking life and dreams become blurred into one inescapable nightmare. Facebook

Finalist - The Desecrated (United States) | Dir. John Gray

A young morgue attendant encounters an unwelcome visitor.

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