Winner - A Poem (France) | Dir. Clément Fréchein

A father passes on a poem to his son. Based on Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If', Clément Fréchein's A Poem reinforces the purpose of a poetic text by contrasting its staging.  Website | Twitter

Finalist - Passage (United States) | Dir. Asavari Kumar

Finding herself in a state of limbo, an Indian woman revisits her immigration journey and voyages through a tempestuous emotional landscape of memory, identity, belonging and the illusion of the American Dream. Website | Twitter

Finalist - Siggy Brat (Czech Republic) | Dir. Tomáš Svašek

Siggy Brat is a young 'songwriter' and a 'lost soul' who writes his songs while watching people from the window of his room. When writing his songs, he falls in love with the beautiful, but equally desperate Valerie from the opposite building, where a strange old man, Mr. Maudit, also lives. Siggy’s fascination with the fates of these people later becomes fateful for him too.

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