Winner - J. Daniel Zúñiga for Artemio's Lonliness Vol. 1


Sex, city lights and daydreaming. Artemio embarks on regular nocturnal escapades to a porn theatre and clandestine gay spots downtown. Along the way, he describes his voyeuristic experiences. This is his life. Until he meets Octavio.

Finalist - Stil Williams for Kubrick by Candlelight (Ireland)

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In 1973 Stanley Kubrick came to Ireland and brought the whole goddamn British Army. A multi award winning light-hearted romantic comedy set behind the scenes of the filming of Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. Website | Twitter

Finalist - Jenna Huskisson for short film Living in Anger (United States)

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When a criminal on the run tries to reconnect with his younger brother, he learns of a dark family secret that will change their lives forever.