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Winner - OG Handshake (United Kingdom) | Dir. Ryan Burnham and Luke Robson

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Screenshot (101).png
Screenshot (103).png

Do you have a handshake with an old friend that you remember to this day? Jake and Gerrome certainly do, with a few little extras. Website | Instagram

Finalist - Trophies (United States) | Dir. Angelica Rosas McDaniel

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Screenshot (111).png
Screenshot (112).png

On a perfect Santa Barbara day the illustrious Amanda Cara sets her trophy husband about the task of getting her an "indoor tree" but he gets bombarded by his friend shaming him, her hot brother bullying him, a romantic threat to his marriage, his bank account drawing empty, and worst of all burnt cookies. He's gotta suck it up and accomplish his trendy task despite his entire lifestyle being thrown into jeopardy. Instagram

Finalist - On In 15 (United Kingdom) | Dir. Joseph Archer and Jack Archer

Screenshot (114).png
Screenshot (113).png
Screenshot (115).png

A knockout show... with a knocked out frontman. A band are about to perform at the biggest gig of their lives, except a monumental problem hits them 15 minutes before they go on stage, can they fix it time? The comedy short film, set in the 1990s 'Cool Britannia' era, is filmed in one 15-minute continuous shot. Facebook

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