Winner - Igor Lewicki for short film Ghosts in the Ink (United States) 

A recently divorced couple, mired by tragedy, struggle to maintain civility as they meet, one last time, to finalize the sale of their house. Website | Twitter

Finalist - Samuel Kaperski for short film Hollow Tooth (France)

A fatigued man finds himself standing in the midst of the night, staring off against a terrifying creature that only moves when the man sits. Website | Twitter

Finalist - Samuel Perriard for short film Starshot (Switzerland/Germany)

After twelve years, Matti returns to the city where his life had changed. Just like then, he carries the revolver with him. He‘s eager to play the game – but his companion is hesitating. A modern Western about unsettled men. The first part of the film was shot in 2007, the second twelve years later in January 2019.

Finalist - Duke Howard for short film Soldier of Comedy (Australia)

By utilising humour to mitigate his traumatic childhood, comedian Tommy Bissett appears to value comedy above all else. Though under the weight of a devastating methamphetamine addiction it becomes unclear whether or not he can shape his creative energy into a meaningful career. Facebook

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