Winner - Edgar García for La Ráfaga (Puerto Rico)

Weeks after Hurricane María devastated Puerto Rico, a lonely middle-aged man finds himself obsessing with his squatter neighbour, a young tormented athlete who insistently pursues his attention. La Ráfaga (The Gust) deals with fragility issues of living in a forgotten paradise, in the world's oldest colony, still half-torn, half-supported, with half-citizens, half-gods and half-demons. Website | Instagram

Finalist - Peter Paton for Black Bear (United Kingdom)

After a traumatic experience we follow Riley through his trials and tribulations living with OCD. Black Bear aims to challenge the stereotypes and educate audiences on the symptoms and struggles of OCD through our protagonist Riley, and his road to recovery. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Finalist - Daniel Cugola for Calibre (Australia)

When the young son of a farmer finds his father's gun, he must choose whether to follow the path of those who came before him.

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