Winner - A Passion of Gold and Fire (Belgium) | Dir. Sébastien Pins

A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. A passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep on living. Facebook

Finalist - Soldier of Comedy (Australia) | Dir. Duke Howard

By utilising humour to mitigate his traumatic childhood, comedian Tommy Bissett appears to value comedy above all else. Though under the weight of a devastating methamphetamine addiction it becomes unclear whether or not he can shape his creative energy into a meaningful career. Facebook

Finalist - Gaza: Still Alive (UK/Palestine) | Dir. Harry Fear

A documentary revealing the mental health catastrophe among Palestinians in the impoverished Gaza Strip, amid ongoing war trauma and after a decade of isolation from the world. This is the story of Gazans’ immense invisible suffering, through the eyes of ordinary civilians and the psychologists tasked with supporting them against all odds. Website


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