Winner - The Politeness of Kings (France) | Dir. Saifi Haroun

Paris in the heart of the 13th arrondissement, a rainy late afternoon. Chef Long finishes the service of the gourmet Chinese restaurant Le Palais des Rois. A mysterious customer calls to order, and the delivery does not go as planned. Website

Finalist - Weightless (Switzerland) | Dir. Dominik Rüedi

A negative diagnosis by the doctor, who lets the hope for recovery sink into the ground, a run over foot with angry looks from passers-by and a fall in basketball training show the current life of Paul. Actually he has only one wish which he would like to fulfil for his deceased mother. Website | Instagram

Finalist - Black Bear (United Kingdom) | Dir. Peter Paton

When the young son of a farmer finds his father's gun, he must choose whether to follow the path of those who came before him.

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