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Winner - The Inversion of the Poles (Italy) | Dir. Antonio Miorin

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Would you transform your body for love? Andrea and Serena are in a tired phase, their relationship seems at a standstill. At a party, an all too deep dance between Serena and Lilly - a woman wiry and cheeky attitude - gives the coup de grace to the couple. Facebook | Instagram

Finalist - Patrick (United States) | Dir. Adam Swain Ferguson

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A charismatic mortician finds love when he meets David, a shy southern boy attending his grandfather’s funeral. Their brief romance is cut short when Patrick’s old flame tries to rekindle a relationship, and a crowded house party quickly turns violent. Emotionally shattered, David must confront his feelings of betrayal and loss, while also learning to accept his sexual identity and reconcile it with his family’s faith. Website | Facebook | Instagram

Finalist - Sugar (United States) | Dir. Jacob Nguyen

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Taylor learns not everything they crave is sweet as they navigate the vexed reality of love for gender-fluid people.

Finalist - Not a Match (United States) | Dir. Steven Helgoth

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A lonely gay man searches for his true love online during the holidays, only to find his true 'match' comes fully assembled, same-day delivery. Website | Facebook | Instagram

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