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Winner - Nightender (Portugal) | Dir. Flávio Gonçalves

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A restless young man with his head in the clouds finishes another shift behind the counter of a cruising bar. He takes the longest path on his way back home. He faces the night and its hidden shadows willing to be discovered – before morning comes, unfolding what he can’t escape from.

Finalist - The Suit Weareth The Man (United Kingdom) | Dir. Mitchell Marion

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Have you ever felt ashamed of who you are and where you come from? Maciek does. He struggles to reconcile his corporate ambition, and latent sexual desires, with his traditional Polish upbringing. So much so, that after gaining a promotion at work, he becomes paranoid a group of beautiful Suited Men are following him, and the lines between shame fuelled lust and reality begin to blur. Instagram

Finalist - Open Up (Australia) | Dir. Sam Siversson

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A closeted morgue technician is confronted by her past during a routine autopsy and is forced to re-evaluate her entire life. Facebook

Finalist - Washing Machine (Spain) | Dir. Diane Malherbe

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To start a washing machine is not so easy; one still has to choose the right program. Instagram

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