Winner - The Mare (Sweden) | Dir. David Jazaee

Involved in criminal activities, Josef finds himself in a helpless and overwhelming state of anxiety. After preparing for a big heist he heads home and prepares himself for sleep, knowing how the darkness inside of him will haunt him through the night. Website

Finalist - Black Heart, Red Hands (Australia) | Dir. Russell Southam

Set against the stunning backdrop of one of Australia’s World Heritage-listed National Parks; a first-time killer is about to be shown what it really takes to pull off the perfect crime. Facebook

Finalist - Together (Ukraine) | Dir. Max Balter

Together is a short horror film about solitude and anxiety during self-isolation caused with COVID-19 quarantine in 2020. It tells the story about a girl who is living alone and senses that someone or something else is in her flat. Website | Facebook

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