Winner - Etienne Baret in short film Hollow Tooth (France), Dir. Samuel Kaperski


Jason, who has just completed a military deployment in Mali, returns to his native village. His reunion with his father and the inhabitants of the village is glacial and plunges him into a state of silent suffering, before anger takes over. Website

Finalist - Igor Lewicki in short film Ghosts in the Ink (United States) | Dir. Igor Lewicki

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A recently divorced couple, mired by tragedy, struggle to maintain civility as they meet, one last time, to finalise the sale of their house. Website

Finalists - Hugo Luna and Baruch Valdés in Salt Bodies (Mexico) | Dir. Atonatiuh Bracho and Damián Comas

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Cuerpos de Sal (Salt Bodies) is a short film that reflects on the suffering of two young friends, affected by their identity and sexuality, and disturbed by the violence in Mexico. Two individuals who, in one simple trip to the beach, turn recreational drug use into a horror story, conditioned on resentment and abuse. A short film that represents a bitter cry between desire and pain. Website