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Winner - Remains (Israel) | Dir. Yotam Ben-David

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Itamar and Thomas share a bed, walls, an apartment and electricity bills. Thomas commands, manages, and criticises; Itamar is silent and listens. Between the apartment walls, frustration and loneliness unfold.

Finalist - Libertad Beirut (France/Lebanon) | Dir. Gauthier-Charbel Raad


In the middle of chaotic Beirut, two gay men decide to live openly. This is where the dilemma starts; lovers, sex, religion, family, society and photoshoots. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Finalist - Natural Selection (Russia) | Dir. Nikita Tamarov

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In the world where relationship is a real hunt and men hunt women, young Tyomik experiences a strange new feeling to his very first prey. The short film Natural Selection is the allegory on the inter-sexual relationship. It shows the world of men who chase women like predators hunt prey.

Finalist - The Dress of Myriam (Brazil) | Dir. Lucas Rossi

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In a quiet house, an old couple share a life in silence. Website | Facebook

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