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Winner - La Ráfaga (Puerto Rico) | Dir. Edgar García

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Weeks after Hurricane María devastated Puerto Rico, a lonely middle-aged man finds himself obsessing with his squatter neighbour, a young tormented athlete who insistently pursues his attention. La Ráfaga (The Gust) deals with fragility issues of living in a forgotten paradise, in the world's oldest colony, still half-torn, half-supported, with half-citizens, half-gods and half-demons. Website | Instagram

Finalist - The Suit (Italy) | Dir. Maurizio Ravallese


An immigrant works in a laundry to buy a wedding suit. One day he is found stealing a suit from a sick groom who has just been left at the altar. To atone for his sins, he will have to avenge the robbed man. WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

Finalist - Calibre (Australia) | Dir. Daniel Cugola

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When the young son of a farmer finds his father's gun, he must choose whether to follow the path of those who came before him.

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