Winner - Matheus Moura for Purple Dictatorship (Brazil)


Yeda, a green woman, sells bread to support the house where she lives with her sick husband. Through the context of green people, we know the reality of those who live on the edge of a purple and conservative society. An opportunity makes Yeda rethink her identity and values. Website | Facebook | Instagram

Finalist - Justin MacGregor for Isolation (Canada)

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Set in a world running parallel to our own pandemic-gripped reality, Isolation dips into the life of John (Alexander Johnson), a young man sequestered in his high-rise apartment, waiting in tandem with a paused outside world swept up in illness. Even locked doors in the sky can be knocked upon, however, and when his past comes knocking, his isolation is rocked. Website | Facebook | Twitter

Finalist - Nasser Zamiri and Neda Asadi for Inhale (Iran)

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Ebrahim`s chronic insomnia is causing tension between he and his wife, Marziyeh. Website