Winner - Enter Through The Balcony (Ukraine) | Dir. Roman Blazhan

Enter Through The Balcony is about Ukrainian make-shift balconies. The film explores the phenomenon of the balcony as a small architectural form. Through the history of the balconies, the film explores the relationships between personal and public space in Post-Soviet cities. Website | Facebook | Instagram

Finalist - Night of the Sand (Turkey) | Dir. Ali Ergül

The struggle of Turkish sandblasting workers started with the death of Kenan Temiz in 2004 out of Silicosis disease. It's yet not known how many workers have lost their lives and how many workers have been infected with this disease. With the prohibition of sandblasting, jeans are now whitened via chemicals, but poor working conditions in workshops still remain. Facebook | Twitter

Finalist - Sockeye Salmon (Russia) | Dir. Dmitriy Shpilenok and Vladislav Grishin

A father-son relationship about fireman, which shows the difficulty and difficulty of fireman's father-son in facing the choice between family and country. From the contradiction and misunderstanding to the relieved understanding after death, the son finally says his last farewell to his father.

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